The cost of building a commercial video game

What is the base cost of building a commercial video game? It varies greatly. Let’s look at the team that you need if you want to build a smaller game project. The salaries you pay for the hours spent working on the project, can give you an estimate of monthly cost. If you are hiring […]

DermaCare opens new retail store In Rijeka.

Feel good moment. Two days ago, my Iconis Digital team and I attended the opening of our client’s new retail store, DermaCare Rijeka. It was a beautiful and packed event featuring brands like Dermalogica, Jane Iredale and Advanced nutrition programme. DermaCare chose Iconis Digital to build their new enterprise grade e-commerce store, one year ago. It was […]

Pricing in Software development.

App development cost can range from 20$ an hour to 600$ an hour, depending on who you ask. You might think you are getting the same thing but you are not. The quality of the product, your experience with the process, extensibility and how the app works will range. Sometimes you might get overcharged and […]

Launch your site in 24h or less

Starting 14.11.2022 we are launching a new web development program for small and medium-sized companies. Our developers, Ui designers, copywriters, and marketing strategies will help you launch your brand or marketing campaign site in 24h or less. Why are we doing this? We believe small and medium-size companies are loosing money investing in long winded […] get’s a massive tech upgrade

We are working on a huge tech upgrade for one of our oldest and most loyal clients. This ecommerce store is quite popular in Croatia and after 8 years on the market, it was time to make some upgrades. We moved ecuga from a custom-made monolithic app, to Saleor Commerce, #nextjs, #reactjs and Wagtail […]

WordPress or Custom Development

The question we get often from new clients is: “Do I need custom development or can we build my project on WordPress at a lower cost?” This is the answer we give often. You need custom development if: You want constant performance, stability, and security that is easy to manage. You want to easily extend […]

Our Tech Stack

The tech we use to build projects. 1. Python – High-level programming language2. React.js and Next.js3. Typescript4. Graph QL5. Saleor Commerce – high-end eCommerce projects6. Wagtail CMS – for high speed, secure and scalable web projects7. Unity Game engine8. Unreal Game engine9. Typesense10. Algorand10. Woocommerce – for small eCommerce projects11. WordPress – for simple web […]

Gamification in education

What is gamification? Essentially, It’s the use of gaming principals in achieving certain goals outside of the game environments. For example, you can “earn” virtual currency (points) by completing a series of tasks or activities to advance to the next level. Gamification is growing in popularity in many industries, but why? In short, it makes […]

Iconis Digital recives an award as one of the best software developers in Croatia.

Recently Iconis Digital recived Clutch Leader Award as the top developer in Croatia. Clutch is the biggest organization for in-depth digital business developement client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders. Our goal is not only to establish the right foundations for business success, it is also to ensure that our clients draw in more […]

The importance of JAMSTACK

What is Jamstack and why you should care how your web dev company develops your apps and websites? Jamstack is a frontend architecture (or stack) that stands for Javascript, APIs, and Markup. The markup that incorporates Javascript, is pre-built and served to a client from a CDN, and relies on a reusable API for all […]