Gamification in education

What is gamification? Essentially, It’s the use of gaming principals in achieving certain goals outside of the game environments.

For example, you can “earn” virtual currency (points) by completing a series of tasks or activities to advance to the next level.

Gamification is growing in popularity in many industries, but why? In short, it makes boring tasks and processes more fun and engaging. Gamification actually helps to motivate workers, shoppers, and students with valuable awards.

How is gamification used in education?

Educations can be fun, but usually isn’t. It all depends on the educator and their work process. Good gamification systems and project want to make this learning process more fun by implementing permeant gamification protocols for education across the board. It’s proven that children (and people) learn best when they have spefic goals, targets and achievements to reach for.

It usually involves using game-based elements such as point scoring, collaboration, competition, challanges, awards and score tables to drive engagement and interest.