Ideas worth exploring

Launch your site in 24h or less

Starting 14.11.2022 we are launching a new web development program for small and medium-sized companies. Our developers, Ui designers, copywriters, and marketing strategies will help you

WordPress or Custom Development

The question we get often from new clients is: “Do I need custom development or can we build my project on WordPress at a lower cost?”

Our Tech Stack

The tech we use to build projects. 1. Python – High-level programming language2. React.js and Next.js3. Typescript4. Graph QL5. Saleor Commerce – high-end eCommerce projects6. Wagtail

Gamification in education

What is gamification? Essentially, It’s the use of gaming principals in achieving certain goals outside of the game environments. For example, you can “earn” virtual currency

The importance of JAMSTACK

What is Jamstack and why you should care how your web dev company develops your apps and websites? Jamstack is a frontend architecture (or stack) that

Benefits of Digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the process of using specific digital tech and insights to transform and optimize a business process. Essentially, companies are

Is Blockchain slow?

I recently read a blog post by a web development company that said: “Blockchain is slow and usesless.”Well.. I had to say something. Yes, there is