Our Tech Stack

The tech we use to build projects.

1. Python – High-level programming language
2. React.js and Next.js
3. Typescript
4. Graph QL
5. Saleor Commerce – high-end eCommerce projects
6. Wagtail CMS – for high speed, secure and scalable web projects
7. Unity Game engine
8. Unreal Game engine
9. Typesense
10. Algorand
10. Woocommerce – for small eCommerce projects
11. WordPress – for simple web projects

Why is this important?

Always hire a tech company that uses tech with the best market adoption and features that match you goals with the project. If you hire a “progressive development” company that uses custom tech, you might end up “locked in”.

Because you won’t be able to leave them if things don’t work out. If you want to build a complex web project that needs to scale, but you hire a marketing agency that uses only WordPress, with free plugins and Elementor page builder, you might have more than one problem. For simple web site projects this is fine.

Before you hire someone, hire a company that can analyze your project and give you the best advice on how to build something.

Don’t rush it or it may cost you.

Get in touch if you want to discuss your project with our team: iconis.digital or contact us on info@iconisagency.com