This was one of the most challenging projects we have ever done.
Enamjestaj is a complex project with various microservices and data streams that need to work great together.

What have we done:

1. Fully featured e-commerce platform based on Saleor Commerce

2. Import over 10.000 products with different product attributes, labels, and metadata and past customers

3. Built a complex Frontend with React and Next.js

4. Custom microservices for resellers and physical stores

5. Custom pricing lists for Retail and Wholesale

6. Custom orders and checkout for Wholesalers with direct connection to Wholesale managers and special price lists

7. Custom portal with live feed for items in storage

8. ERP integration with GraphQL – with order filling and signing.

And so much more.

This was a challenge and we love challenges.

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Python, Reactjs, Nextjs, Saleor Commerce