The Tate of digital marketing and social media.

You might hate the idea, but Andrew Tate is the best digital marketer on the planet right now. His social media content has massive organic reach and unbelievable engagement in record time. Tate is literary everywhere.


Some of you probably know how most social media algorithms actually work. The Ai is programmed to push dramatic, depressing, divisive and negative content because that type of content triggers people and creates the best engagement. Not only that, they know that most depressed, sad and anxious people spend more money impulsively. The corporate goals are simple, show that your platform is growing in engagement and new accounts and investors will give you what ever you want. If engagement drops, the money stops. The Ai is programmed to make us feel a certain way.

This is not my opinion, it was proven many times.

How does Andrew Tate fit in to this story? Simple. This man is a salesman, a hustler. He’s been selling online courses, among other things, for years. But recently he figured out exactly what the social algorithm wants. It wants drama. People crave and react best to drama.

That is why he created content that Ai values and most vocal, PC people online are “hungry” for.

The content is based around a simple strategy. Around 70% of outrageous, triggering, socially unacceptable content by modern standards, that makes feminists, LGBTQ groups angry and 30% down to earth “positive content” that people agree with. He keeps anxious, easily triggered people and the media in the loop, constantly talking about him, and resharing his content.

Because he is so divisive online his content is everywhere, and his sales are up 1000%. Mostly because of the people who don’t find his content so outrageous or agree with him.

Tate is just one of many who figured it out, and he’s using it to make millions. Like it or not, these social media companies in their current state are bad for our society. They are built to make us feel and act a certain way just to make money. How that affects our mental health is plain to see.

The Ai and Social media needs to be regulated better.