WordPress or Custom Development

The question we get often from new clients is:

“Do I need custom development or can we build my project on WordPress at a lower cost?”

This is the answer we give often. You need custom development if:

  • You want constant performance, stability, and security that is easy to manage.
  • You want to easily extend your project in the future with advanced features that go beyond pages, blogs, and listings.
  • You want to integrate external services, micro-service or data with your web platform.
  • You require custom features that can only be achieved with clean code, rather than 40 plugins in WordPress that can clash with each other. And you need to wait untill the external developers who made the plugin, update it.
  • You need your frontend and backend to be separate, and you need it to work. You can achieve headless WordPress, but the plugin you use to connect your frontend with WordPress can break and the site can go down.
  • You need your site to look NEXT level. And that means it needs to be very smooth, animated, with 3D graphics, feature rich and high performing. For this, you simply can’t use WordPress + Elementor. You want a powerful and secure backend like Wagtail, Directus or Webiny, and a frontend framework like Next.js.

These tools are Developer tools, and they exist for a reason. Sure, you can build a cool site or a listing page on WordPress with 20+ plugins, all built by different developers, who may or may not support the plugin in the future.

If your ecommerce site breaks down, for what ever reason, you require a team that can fix it right away.

If you rely on WP plugins and themes alone, you might have issues you can’t deal with. And you might end up building a new store. That can be a problem and a financial hit.

Sure, you can build a good-looking, fast, and stable WordPress site. We build them all the time. We are also very aware of the limitations this stack has, and will always do our best to be objective in our recommendations.

Our team at Iconis loves to build custom projects that scale, but we understand it’s not in everyone’s budget or you many not even need it.

Bottom line:

You tell us your goals, vision and how you plan to use your web project to scale your business. And our team will give you our honest opinion on what tech should be used to build.


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